Kevin Powell’s Facebook#RichardSherman reaction from journalist Tony Anderson, a view we should think about and discuss and debate TODAY, on this the official Dr. King holiday: “People don’t don’t see that unfortunately. People don’t see that he was seconds from making a huge play and his adrenaline was in full throttle. People don’t see that he didn’t cuss or say anything negative about the reporter. People don’t see that he was screaming partly because it was loud and he was hype and his game has been trash talk since he came in the league. They dont see his 3.8 gpa from Stanford or his work in the community. People see what they want and he has become the target of so many racial slurs, even from Black folks. People don’t realize it’s only entertainment and take it personal.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well — maybe I could have. Still not gonna try. This is almost exactly how I felt about the Richard Sherman post-game interview, only with maybe a bit more appreciation for its entertainment value. Baffled me how so many people could be upset with a guy for speaking his mind. For speaking the TRUTH. It’s not as if he said he was better than Peyton Manning or bigger than Jesus Christ.

Even the dad from That’s So Raven had the nerve to tweet “Richard Sherman is an embarrassment to the NFL”. Really, Ron Mott? An “embarrassment to the NFL”? The same NFL that lied about evidence of brain injuries and let players develop CTE and die to save money from lawsuits NFL? That NFL? Fuck you, Ron Mott.

There is no holier-than-thou stance to take. Let’s look at every possible angle to be upset with the guy about.

Narcissism – All week the national media cupped the balls of the four quarterbacks playing yesterday, although the best players in the late game were all on defense. Surely some of the defensive players weren’t too happy about this.

Does that give Richard Sherman the green light to go on a narcissistic rant and focus the attention on himself in the post-game? No. But if there was no rant ESPN, the blogosphere, and the rest of the national sporting media would be discussing Colin Kaepernick’s poor play and Russell Wilson’s heroism instead of the defense who won the game.

Lack of Sportsmanship – Right. In the same sport where a coach tried to fight another coach after a game. In the same sport where players willfully brag about breaking fingers and twisting guys’ testicles to get fumbles. In the same sport where fans stab opposing fans after the game, where players stomp faces with cleated feet, and where Pro Bowl players spit in people’s faces and call them the N-word. Okay.

Hey, when you tuned into the game, did you do so to see the tremendous acts of sportsmanship or to be entertained? Because if you tuned in see post-game handshakes and fake appreciation for one’s opponent then you have a point. If you tuned in to see hits and touchdowns and be entertained, not so much.

That’s Not How You Act In The NFL – Right, but it’s totally cool to be suspiciously acquitted of murder, to rape women in bathrooms, to rack up multiple DWIs, and take part in countless other illegal or dangerous activities. Right. As long as you don’t boast about your own abilities. It’s one thing to openly attempt to pummel, punish, and destroy your opponent in every way possible…as long as you don’t SAY it. Can’t talk about it.

In TODAY’S world, it’s much easier to be accepted as a smiling idiot with a very poor understanding of the English language than an educated loudmouth:

Types “DON’T NOBODY DON’T WANNA LISTEN,” reads it over, thinks it makes sense, and hits publish. Also once accused of rape. BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK TRIPLE NEGATIVE. Still far more likable right now than Richard Sherman.

I Don’t Like Black People – Oh, okay. Unlike the others this reason for hating Richard Sherman actually makes logical sense. It’s racist — but at least it makes sense.



Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Lastly, for all the traditionalist Stoolies who still can’t see the light, think about this: you’re upset about THIS GUY getting called out on TV:

crabtree breakfast

Richard Sherman is an intelligent and polarizing asshole who speaks the truth and understands the benefit of entertainment. In other words he’s exactly what the NFL needs as a FOIL to Peyton Manning’s smiling corporate good-guy bullshit.