A much different kind of Ass Bomb than Lohan dropped on the set of SM5. This may be the first Instagram picture Zuckerberg is forced to sell.

Rihanna’s not smart? Maybe you can say that. Rihanna’s not original? You might be able to make an argument. Rihanna’s not sexy? Absolutely unequivocally false.

Look at this ass. LOOK AT IT. Yeah she’s a cornball for all the marijuana stuff and should just smoke weed and not talk about it 24/7, but Jesus Lord do I wanna take a bite of that thing. I gotta start dancing and acting like an asshole and beating bitches up if this is the type of ass it’ll bring into my life.

Hollywood whore or not — that ass is UNSTOPPABLE and you’re a liar if you say otherwise.


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It’s Christy Mack’s ass photoshopped per her twitter

Christy Mack‘s ass, not Rihanna’s. Never mind. Carry on thinking what you want about Rihanna.

How do I not know Christy Mack’s ass by this stage of my life? Does she not do interracial porn?