Extremely sad to report Carl passed away last night. The kid fought the ultimate fight, even if he knew the writing was on the wall from the start. I had the opportunity to stop in and see him last week at Phoenixville Hospital and was still shocked to see how high in spirits he was. Even bullshitting through texts the past couple months Carl’s humor and outlook throughout everything was beyond inspirational. The guy was the man through and through. To see the support system he had with his family, friends and with strangers, especially from you guys, reestablishes faith in humanity.

RIP #Helmetstrong. Next time you have a drink, raise it to Helmet. He was the definition of one of us. Any information on services or anything I’m sure will be posted on the Helmetstrong Facebook page.

UPDATE: For those wishing to help, as far as I know Carl’s GoFundMe account is still alive and active. No reason not to think that money is going to go to help out his family, so if you want help out that would be the best way to do so. If I hear anything different it will be updated again.