Ron looking healthy outside of the Liberty Bell
TMZAfter undergoing multiple surgeries for a heart aneurysm last month, the 59-year-old porn legend is making a miraculous recovery … and even took a photo with a nurse while giving the ol’ thumbs up. It’s pretty incredible considering Ron’s situation was so bad, he was put in the intensive care unit at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital. But now, Ron’s rep tells us the porn giant is “alert and awake and in his own room on the road to recovery.” In fact, The Hedgehog was able to muster up a statement of his own … telling TMZ, “Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I’m doing very well thanks to modern technology!”

The odds can’t be good considering the whole reason he’s in there is for multiple heart surgeries, but there’s always that chance Ron Jeremy indeed banged this chunky Asian nurse. You just know when he thought he was gonna die he started whispering in her ear about how sex is the only thing in the world hes ever loved and how lucky she would be to have been his last ever. Totally laying on the pity fuck sympathy as heavy as he could. Maybe tossing in the occasional ”I’m the best you’ll ever have” game while rattling off stats of how many women hes pleasured. No way some overweight community college nursing grad could resist game that air-tight, heart surgery greasy middle-aged porn star or not.

What do you think? Did he smash?
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