That’s the word around Twitter right now (apparently spurred on by Anthony Gargano). 3 Years $80 million on the table.

You know how last week I complained about the Young signing because it makes the Phillies older and how Rizzo said we should sign Josh Hamilton only sarcastically just as a big “fuck you” to the rest of the league? Well if Rubes gets this deal done we will gratefully take all of that shit back. Doesn’t matter that he’s one extra spoonful of Nyquil away from stumbling pantsless through Vegas complaining about margarita salt. Doesn’t matter. Because the lineup (courtesy of my friend @troygy) would look something similar to this:

1 – Rollins
2 – Young
3 – Utley
4 – Howard
5 – Hamilton
6 – Ruiz
7 – Ruf
8 – Revere
9 – Pitcher

And we’d all be happy. Hell, even Charlie wants the club to do “something big“. Make it happen, Ruben.