DailyWhatRihanna has apparently hit a nerve with hipster kids on Tumblr after her kitsch-colored Saturday Night Live performance last weekend came off as a bit too reminiscent of the 3D-overloaded, aqua-themed, ’90s cyberpunk aesthetic embraced by the quirky electronica microscene known as “Seapunk” (shown left). According to BuzzFeed, the CGI visuals used during Rihanna’s performance were based on another music video directed by LA-based producer Jerome LOL and its resemblance has triggered an angry outpour from those who felt their subgenre had been involuntarily absorbed by the pop music machine. Meanwhile, SPIN reports that other trendsetting artists like Lady Gaga and Azelia Banks came under similar accusations earlier this year.

GAMBELLA, ETHIOPIA – Seapunk, a little-known subculture of hipster youth who identify with seascapes, bright colors, and 90′s electronica mood music, voiced their displeasure recently with pop star Rihanna’s performance on the NBC comedy program Saturday Night Live. According to Seapunk enthusiasts, Rihanna’s use of aquatic imagery and overall appearance is a rip off of their once unique style.

Robert Mbutowe, a 27 year-old out of work soldier, died yesterday of starvation completely unaware of Seapunk’s displeasure with the young Trinidadian sensation. Yesterday, while holding his children close and praying to a God he recently converted to for missionary food, he voiced his concerns about Rihanna’s choice of 3D dolphin graphics in her SNL performance. “Please, I saw you eating some food earlier,” he cried about Rihanna’s shameless aesthetic theft. “Just give something to my children. One piece of bread, anything.”

The region is obviously rocked by the allegations. Rihanna has yet to respond.

…although if you’d like to see a very NSFW picture of her nipple click here.