Andy Reid was being interviewed by Florio on PFT the other day and was asked several times about field conditions at FedEx and what he thinks about playing on shitty surfaces (THE VET), and in classic Big Red style he ducked saying anything negative about anybody and spent the entire answer praising the grounds crew. “Those grounds guys bust their tails to make sure it’s right.” “Those grounds crew people spend so much time and effort there trying to make it right.” Umm…what?

Obviously that’s a lie. Look at this shit. There are middle schools with better looking fields. I guess that’s part of the reason why we’ve always had a problem with Reid, McNabb, and a number of other excommunicated Philly sports figures — they refuse to tell the truth. Tell it like it is, Andy. That field SUCKS and is the main reason why the Redskins’ first round draft pick‘s knee was doing 360 pop shove-its last Sunday. Seattle’s fullback has it right. Shouldda just dumped sand over the whole thing.