mr met clinton shot

CBSA.J. Mass, who suited up as the New York Mets’ mascot from 1994-97, said in his new book that he was warned in no uncertain terms about advancing toward President Bill Clinton, who was at Shea Stadium in April 1997 for the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking MLB’s color barrier. “Now listen to me very carefully. … We have snipers all around the stadium, just in case something were to happen,” a Secret Service agent told Mass, according to a book excerpt making the rounds. “Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. Nobody will bother you. But approach the president, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?” The former Mr. Met wrote that it felt like the agent wasn’t “only looking into my eyes, but also into my very soul with his blank, unblinking stare.” Then another warning, for good measure. “Approach the president, and we go for the kill shot,” the agent told Mass. “ARE–WE–CLEAR?”

It’s hard being a sports fan and getting people to trust your opinion. Most times if someone isn’t a fan of your team they’re gonna assume you’re just a homer and aren’t telling them the truth. Getting opposing fans to trust your word is easily one of the most frustrating parts of sports fandom. Facts are facts regardless of who it comes from, yet a lot of people will tune you out anyway.

For example: Mr. Met sucks. He sucks so bad as a mascot it’s unreal. Yet whenever I say this people think it’s just because I’m a Phillies fan and have some vendetta against the Mets. And I do, I guess, but my hatred of the Mets has little to do with the terrible job their mascot is doing. If Mr. Met was the Phoenix Suns Gorilla or Dancin’ Homer I’d be first in line to give credit where it would be due…but he’s not. He’s just a dude in a baseball uniform with a giant baseball head who waves to the crowd and fishes foul balls for front row rich snob kids. I’ve been to Citi Field and seent it with my own two eyes. Mr. Met is Fraud City.

The Phanatic, the San Diego Chicken, Teal Man who used to do Hornets games in the 90′s — THOSE are mascots. Mr. Met is just a big baseball who’s lucky Clinton’s boys didn’t snipe his brains loose.

PS – Citi Field kinda sucks, too. How about you get some more Jackie Robinson stuff, Citi Field? Cause he totally played for the Mets and it makes perfect sense.