Philly.comTerrell Owens faces off with three of his four baby-mamas on Tuesday’s episode of “Dr. Phil” (4 p.m., CBS3) Women named Kimber, Monique and Melanie claim the former Eagles wide receiver is delinquent on child support payments and has little to no relationship with the kids. Owens tells Dr. Phil he misinvested and/or squandered most of the $80 million he has been paid in the NFL and blamed his travel schedule and living in different cities from the kids as to why he can’t see them. When asked by Dr. Phil during the taping if he wants relationships with his children, Owens replied, “I would love a relationship with my kids, but…with all the circumstances it’s been difficult,” according to a CBS announcement of the show.

Terrell — what could have been, homey. You and McNabb could be both comfortably retired now with Super Bowl rings on your hands and the adoration of millions of Philly fans everywhere. But instead here you are: on Dr. Phil talking to 3 out of 4 baby mamas about how shitty a parent you are and how much child support you owe, while McSoup does ESPN and bitches about how hard he had it every time there’s a mic in his face. Both of you bum me the fuck out. Gotta live with your choices, though. Sit-ups press conference on your front lawn? Great choice.

Over/under chance TO goes for suicide attempt #3: 40%.