pitchforkThe 2013 Grammy Awards just got a whole lot more boring. We regret to report that Lil B, who was recently nominated in CBS’ “Gig of a Lifetime” contest, was not selected as a finalist in the “Pacific” region, despite the best efforts of the entire taskforce. A Los Angeles pop-punk band called King the Kid has advanced instead. There is a twist here, though. While it would appear Lil B simply did not advance, some fans believe he was removed from the contest before the regional winners were even announced. See the screenshot below, which pictures a search function that is no longer accessible on the Gig of a Lifetime Facebook app (thanks to reader Declan Murphy for the tip). All mentions of the Grammys have also been removed from Lil B’s Twitter timeline.

As if anybody needed another reason to hate the Grammys. What a joke. Lil B — for those who aren’t familiar — is an inspirational voice for multiple generations who has changed music forever. His Based energy permeates through our cold business culture and touches the hearts of humans and animals alike. Plants too, probably. Definitely plants.

I’ve had personal beef with the Grammys for years because of their bullshit nominations (No MBDTF for Album of the Year???), but secretly nixing Lil B’s chance to even compete is some foul, foul shit. The man’s all about love, Grammys. He ain’t gonna go up there and Kanye the whole event and embarrass your awards show (not that he could any further), the most he would do is say a few unintelligible words on love and being Based and his cat. That’d be it.

Shame on you, Grammys. The world needed this.