DM - Impacted by the carnage in Sandy Hook, residents of Camden, New Jersey, turned in a record number of weapons in a gun buyback program over the weekend. ‘A lot of people said they don’t want the guns around the house now,’ said state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa as he announced the result of the program held Friday and Saturday at two Camden churches. The state brought in 1,137 guns, surpassing the previous record of 700 weapons from a 2009 Essex County event. Among them were scores of rifles, shotguns and pistols, sawed-off shotguns, a century-old antique weapon, a rifle used for hunting elephants and five fully automatic weapons. Some 90 per cent were in working condition.Many were illegal weapons under state laws; some were so-called community guns stashed around the neighborhood. reported that those who came to the event were paid up to $250 per weapon with ‘no questions asked.’ Nearly all of the weapons are to be destroyed.

You know who didn’t give their guns away to a church for $250 and the feeling of doing something for the greater good? Criminals.

Not trying to sound like a pessimist or unsensitive but it seems like common knowledge that anybody whose job requires a gun (thief, drug dealer, etc) wouldn’t be as quick to give up the one piece of equipment that could be the difference between life or death.

Also, can you imagine how many murder weapons are sitting in that pile? What better way to toss aside the illegal six shooter you used to shoot Frankie OweDollars last February without the cops doing too much background work? After a little rubdown with the Lysol…seems like a no brainer to me.

AND they’re giving away $250 now? That’s a lot of money — where did it come from? Hell, I bet for that much crackheads were breaking into homes stealing guns just to give them away. Probably had a whole Camden middleman gun operation being run with people going door to door holding up strangers demanding their firearms.

Call me cynical if you want, but Camden + shady expensive gun buyback program =