HuffPoLarger-than-life former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has announced plans to release his own line of vodkas, the New York Post reports. The brand, called “Luv Shaq” for perhaps no other reason than it sounds awesome, will hit liquor store counters early next year, according to the report, and will be athlete-friendly (sugar- and gluten-free). The new coconut-flavored liquor will be produced by Devotion Vodka. Company founder Drew Adelman said it will directly compete with Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Ciroc vodka, but at a “more competitive price.”

Who doesn’t love low-quality discount Shaq stuff? I practically grew up on low-quality discount Shaq stuff! Was the only kid on the block with those horrendous-ass black & white swirl Shaqnosis sneakers. Did I get made fun of? Yeah. But I bet those same kids right now are some sneakerhead hipster wanna-be’s paying quadruple on the internet what I paid for my Shaqnosis’. I’m last-laughing like a motherfucker over here.

Which is exactly why I think Shaq has struck gold with this cheap vodka ploy. Every celeb is out there trying to do luxury this and high-quality that — who’s out here making the cheap products for the real people? Who’s holding it down for the single mothers and deadbeat fathers who can’t afford to buy a $40 bottle of Coconut-flavored Diddy vodka? Ciroc is way too expensive for folks to be shelling out their hard-earned money in this economy just to line Puff Daddy’s pockets. Shaq gets it. Shaq gets us. And gave us an alcohol that sounds as cheap as it surely will cost and taste.

I just hope The Big Spirit Maker uses my design: