Kansas beat #8 Iowa State last night, and along the way the two most prized future NBA players in the game showed why former contenders like the Bulls are actively trying to sink to the Association’s bottom. So much talent coming out of the NCAA this year that a team (or 2-3) can rewrite their entire history by simply choosing correctly.

All this time I still had Andrew Wiggins as my #1 dream pick for the 76ers come June, but the more basketball I watch and the more I listen to guys like Louis stroke Joel Embiid like he’s the next Diesel Time the harder it gets to set sights on one player. Therefore it makes sense to stop for a second and re-evaluate who we’d all hope to see in a Sixers uniform next season.

5. Marcus Smart (6-4 220) – PG – Oklahoma State

The Sixers have a point guard and his name is Michael Carter-Williams. He’s the future Rookie of the Year and will presumably be the point person for the Sixers for many seasons to come. Don’t need another point at this point. Just like most teams.

4. Julius Randle (6-9 250) – PF – Kentucky

Loved him earlier this season, but Randle has cooled off as of late. Could be that he’s taking a pounding against bigger opponents or that his teammates are simply contributing more, but it’s something. At only 19 he’s a 250lb monster which is awesome, but 6’9″ is a little small for an NBA power forward and JR has one of those “oops I forgot to stop eating” offseason weight program bodies.

3. Jabari Parker (6-8 235) – SF – Duke

Nice kid, great skills, don’t really want him on my team. He’ll be on the Jazz. No way the NBA lets this chance slip through their fingers. Wilbon said it last week on PTI — a BLACK MORMON? Yeah…he’s going to the Jazz.

2. Joel Embiid (7-0 250) – C – Kansas

So close to changing my mind and moving Embiid to the dream spot. Imagine it:

SG – somebody
SF – somebody
PF – Nerlins Noel
C – Joel Embiid

That’s a crazy front court. That’s like 10 blocks a game. Plus Nerlins is more athletic than his size indicates and could be working on a shot this season. Who knows? Those somebodys can turn into great players if Sam trades/drafts correctly.

1. Andrew Wiggins (6-8 200) – SF – Kansas

The man. Ain’t giving up on him yet. The second the people forget about Maple Jordan he drops 17 points and 19 rebounds on Iowa State’s face. Simply has too much talent to move him out of this spot so soon. Embiid may very well turn into Anthony Davis, but until I see more with my own eyes dreams of Wiggins in a Sixers jersey shall continue to play in my head.

Keep us in the hunt for that pick, Sam.