Not much better than setting the tone for the season by beating the Celtics in Boston without two starters (Bynum included). The only thing I can think of that’s better is beating the Celtics in Boston without two starters with Spencer Hawes looking like Captain America’s NBA alter ego.

Some observations:

Evan Turner looks like he’s confident in his shot again. Sank a number of midrange jumpers and actually hit a three.

Jrue Holiday is playing All-Star ball right now. Too many turnovers, yes, but his stats are crazy.

Nick Swaggy P Young will never not shoot the ball. NEVER NOT.

Sixers didn’t get much respect from the refs tonight in terms of foul shots and can probably expect that to continue whenever they play a team with stars. ┬áMaybe Bynum and winning can change this because Iguodala and winning certainly didn’t last year.

The Knicks won again and are somehow the #1 defensive team in the NBA. Can they keep it up or is this bound to turn into hot garbage over time / whenever Amar’e comes back? Looking like Melo might be in MVP talks this year; apparently Bron getting a ring lit a fire under his ass.

In other news: