Check out this headline from today:

If you’ve watched their past few games, you’ve seen a Sixer team that looks very familiar to how it did early in the season. Low turnovers, stifling defense, team chemistry — all the things that made them early Atlantic Division leaders and the top defense in the NBA.

Sure, they’ve only beaten up on a couple tomato can teams with nothing to play for, but they did it in a style that was reminiscent of the early season days. And while the team is ultimately flawed by being a jumpshooting, no free throw-shooting, no superstar-having, defensive center-less mish-mash of midsize talent, they are a dangerous squad to play against for 7 straight games. STILL pound-for-pound the best defense in the league. And if the rope-a-dope works out how they plan and the Sixers face the Bulls in the first round and not the Heat, Chicago might have a long , tough series ahead of them. Those who have never seen a Bulls/Sixers game might assume a Chicago blowout, but the Sixers’ speed matches up really well against Chicago’s size, and they’ve beaten them as much as they’ve lost to them over the past two years.

I know nobody in the city is paying attention to the Sixers at this point…but maybe that’s what they need.  Let’s keep our attention on the Flyers’ great run and this hilariously terrible Phillies lineup (TERRIBLE) and just let Doug and the squad fly under the radar.  America wants to see this Heat/Bulls Eastern Conference Finals, but they should beware. The 7th and 8th seed teams in the East match up really well to the 1 and 2 seeds and could turn the NBA playoffs into the NHL playoffs in a matter of weeks.

Tell the Haters, DC: