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Here is a video of the behind the scenes shots of Sixers media day. A lot of Bynum shots and Kwame Brown in a santa hat and Hawes being goofy. Check it out and hope you can share. Hope all is well.


Good work by David and the La Salle STP team for this video. Obviously the biggest takeaway from this clip are the haircuts. Swaggy P’s been doing this wig big like that for a minute, but Spencer Hawes and Andrew Bynum have gone full-on “fuck it” this offseason. Is the Big GOP serious with that rad-ass white trash ‘do? Homey is that a SHAG?

Do you, Spencer. Easily my favorite Republican athlete. I almost hope Mitt wins it just so you play inspired this season and don’t think all your efforts will be ‘redistributed’ throughout the country.

Haven’t really gotten into NBA mode as of yet, but seeing the team together gives me hope for big things this year. Clap your hands, Philadelphia.