desperate for a full moustache are flocking to Turkey to undergo facial hair transplants. The procedure is a booming industry for plastic surgeons in the country, thanks to popular Turkish soap operas starring actors with full beards and moustaches which are popular across the Middle East, Balkans and Africa, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the operation, called follicle-hair extraction, doctors remove hair from other parts of the body and implant them along the face to make a beard or moustache appear fuller. The procedure, which costs around $5000 and takes five hours, has led to a boom in facial hair tourism as men travel to Turkey for the operation. Plastic surgeon Dr Selahattin Tulunay performs roughly 60 facial hair transplants a month. “The moustache is making a comeback. If a man’s moustache doesn’t grow, he wants to know he can have one as a mark of masculinity,” Dr Tulunay said.

Nearly every man in my family at some point in their lives has rocked a mustache. Me? Can’t grow it. I’ve tried in the past and the best I can manage is somewhere between “Middle Eastern pre-teen” and “Italian Aunt”. Do you know what it feels like to have a natural mustache lip and no mustache? It’s a crime against handsomeness!

So now I hear about this Turkey transplant situation and my balls are tickled by the idea of leaving this babyface behind and growing out a giant Philly Muslim beard. I deserve it, right? Beards are always being wasted on hipsters and terrorists. Finally might be time for one of the good guys to get one.