I, much like you, was skeptical at first. “What’s so great about some big-assed chick twerking at Wal-Mart?” It’s not like Mr. Ghetto didn’t introduce America to ass-shaking at “Wally World” almost two years ago. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that this is 100% not associated with music in any way. Usually when a thick chick is making her butt thunder clap like this it’s for a low-budget music video or at least an attempt at finding a man in a club. Not here. Homegirl is letting her trunk rumble strictly as a marketing strategy and for the love of the game. Twerkin’ by the milk. Twerkin’ by the fish. Twerkin’ by the beer. It’s all just a three-minute ass commercial. Ms. Caramel Kitten could have spent her time and effort twerking on losers in sweatpants at the titty bar, but instead she’ll make just as much twerking on private cams on the internet.

Completely revolutionized the twerk-for-profit industry in one video.

PS – Never having a daughter.