American politics is a joke. Not because it’s stuffed with special interest money and corrupted to the core with shady characters and practices. No. It’s a joke because we don’t pay attention to any of that stuff.  We’re way too busy making memes, videos, gifs, tweets, news segments, newspaper articles, and blog posts about a guy who got caught drinking WATER on TELEVISION. It has actually been dubbed “water bottle-gate”, which is the most disgusting abuse of the suffix “-gate” since Bonergate when I stuffed my penis through our neighbors’ actual gate. What’s the deal, America? It’d be understandable if the guy had a legitimate gaffe but…he didn’t. Mouth was thirsty so he took a swig. Christ.

You don’t have to agree with his politics to agree that him catching heat for taking a sip of water is unfair. Seems to me the American public is a bit too thirsty for a story.

Eh…?  You like that?