usatodaySimon Gagne is returning to the NHL city where he had his greatest individual success. The Los Angeles Kings dealt him to the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday for a conditional fourth-round draft pick. He was a one-time 47-goal scorer in Philadelphia, and he scored 30 or more goals four times. Gagne, 32, has yet to score a goal this season for the Kings, and his two seasons in Los Angeles have been marked by injury and disappointment. He has played 45 games, registering 22 points. He did return from a concussion to play four games for the Kings in last spring’s playoffs, earning the right to have his name etched on the Stanley Cup.

Was going to leave this for realanonymous to touch on tomorrow but it’s news so might as well blog. Wild, random stuff. At 32 years-old Simon’s doesn’t appear to have enough in the tank to really bring about any significant change, but bringing back old former Flyers is what the Flyers do so…the hell do I know? Love it for the sake of loving it.

“Richards and Gagne hook up for this power play goal.” Somewhere realanonymous punches a wall hearing that.