DAILY MAILMen who open doors for women are guilty of ‘benevolent sexism’ according to a new study by feminist psychologists. Helping the ladies choose the right computer as well as carrying their shopping are also signs of ‘unseen’ sexism in society, according to the report. Referring to a group of men and women as ‘guys’ is also a no-no, says the research, meaning that even men who seem enlightened could be unknowingly committing daily acts of sexism. It could also mean that women, too, are unaware of it but are unwittingly affected because it helps to create a culture of women being seen as the vulnerable sex who need a man’s help. Other examples of unseen sexism include calling women ‘girls’ but not referring to men as ‘boys’ and a man offering to do the driving on a long journey instead of a female partner. Researchers from the Society for the Psychology of Women conducted a study among workers of both genders in America and Germany.

Ok, toots.  Guarenteed if men weren’t offering to do this common, chivalrous stuff that has been customary in every civilization since the dawn of the ape, feminists would be saying that men need to be more gentlemanly towards women.  Stop trying to call up this bullshit that means nothing in the end. Until women can go a week without crying, dunk consistently, or actually be funny to other humans other than you’re own similarly fat, ugly friends, stick to the basic 3 C’s: cooking for the man, cleaning for the man, and cock tickling for the man and his friends upon request.

It’s never gonna be equal because in the end because man will always have the advantage.  Just the way it is.  Right now, it’s honestly as equal as it can get.  We’ve allowed you to vote, get jobs, become motorists, and talk freely in public.  Men can’t even whip out their dicks and slap a woman across the face anymore at the workplace without getting sued.  What the shit more do you want?  Bring something to the table and we can negotiate.  The only thing we have left to bargain with is Augusta. Oh, right, you can reproduce.  Well guess what, sugartits, o/u 10 years before all we need a petri dish, a turkey baster, and an unlimited supply of Kate Upton’s cloned frozen eggs and we can do that on our own in the lab.  Until then, just turn on some Lifetime and shut the shit up.  Because there are still places in the world where it’s socially acceptable to tie you up and drag you through the streets.