CBSThe Flyers are no longer celebrating a victory with Mac Miller’s “Knock, Knock,” but with “Bring Out The Bottles,” by Redfoo, Daily News beat writer for the Flyers Frank Seravalli reported on Twitter. Since when do players celebrate victories with songs that sound like they belong at Egypt, or any of the other 90′s era Delaware Avenue nightclub? Someone buy the Flyers a Guns N’ Roses album. Or Metallica Or 2Pac. Something, anything. They can do better than a “Party Rock Anthem” remake.

Because to my ears all I hear is fart noises and garbage being thrown into a can. Maybe I’m getting old but it’s just sharts and garbage.

“Bring out the Bottles” sounds like a song that was secretly created by club owners to play several times a night to pressure suckers into buying $400 watered-down bottles of Grey Goose and Ciroc. Wouldn’t shock me one bit to find out that club owners all gather together as some evil mass like the fashion people at the beginning of Zoolander. “Yes, yes, we must tell them to bring out more bottles! Tell them just how poppin it will be! Mwuhahaha!” All the while the afro guy from LMFAO sits there quietly nodding.

Explain it to me, Flyers.