USATodayLeSean McCoy became the latest concussion casualty in this nightmare Philadelphia Eagles season. McCoy was spotted in theloser’s locker room after Sunday’s 31-6 rout by the Washington Redskins walkingin a slow daze as he was escorted by team trainer Rick Burkholder. Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that McCoy suffered a concussion when he was leveled by safety Madieu Williams, causing the Eagles tailback to lay motionless for several minutes with 1:45 remaining in the game. McCoy slowly sat up but was carted to the locker room for further evaluation. Why was McCoy, who gained 45 yards on 15 carries and caught six passes for 67 yards, still out there in a game long lost? “Because we’re trying to catch up and win the game,” Reid said. Asked about 25 being alot of points to make up with that little time, Reid repeated, “We were trying to catch up and win the game.” Does Reid regret keeping McCoy out there? “No,” the embattled coach said flatly. McCoy now joins quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion last week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, we could dwell on the Shady concussion. We could lament on the audacity of a coach saying he was “trying to win the game” when his best player got concussed down 25 points to a division rival with less than two minutes left. We could blame Andy Reid for Shady’s injury and question why Bryce Brown was in the game when it mattered but was on the sidelines when the contest was clearly out of reach. We could get upset at how he burns time outs during the final two minutes of the half only to run the ball directly into the defense. We could do all of this and it would be totally justified. The problem is, to me, the entire picture seems far more criminal when viewed from a distance.

Somebody needs to get arrested for what they’ve done to these players. Yes, we all understand that there are zero legal grounds for multi-millionaire athletes to file suit against their teams — but this organization has gone fucking rogue. Completely off the reservation. Forcing Michael Vick to run slow-developing play action behind a line that couldn’t survive a Big East pass rush? Having LeSean McCoy in the game down 25 with less than two minutes left because you “were trying to win the game”? Hiring and starting a right guard nobody’s ever heard of in the same week because the 30 year-old you drafted in the first round is a complete bust? Throw Andy Reid and anyone else with decision-making power into the slammer. Completely absurd. Not only have they crushed the spirits of an entire city, their actions may have turned otherwise good men into early retirement Muhammad Ali-mumbling apple sauce slurpers.

Michael Vick can’t even drive a car or sit still without feeling nauseous, guys. Andy Reid killed him just like I said he would. Look at the 6-game losing streak:

Washington – QB 46 attempts, Shady 15 carries
Dallas – QBs 41 attempts, Shady 16 carries
New Orleans – QB 41 attempts, Shady 19 carries
Atlanta – QB 35 attempts, Shady 16 carries
Detroit – QB 46 attempts, Shady 14 carries
Pittsburgh – QB 30 attempts, Shady 16 carries

But when you’re trying to “catch up and win” you run the ball with under two minutes left in the game? Fuck this team and Andy’s backwards-ass coaching. That’s a reckless endangerment charge if I’ve ever seen one.