PFTIt’s been rumored for years that, if/when Eagles coach Andy Reid no longer is coaching the Eagles, former Eagles offensive coordinator Jon Gruden could be lured back to town. Now, Howard Eskin of WIP and FOX 29 reports that Gruden could be the next coach of the Eagles. The move, obviously, hinges on the Eagles firing Reid. And on Gruden being interested. Gruden has made it clear from time to time that he’ll coach again, even as ESPN has tried to make staying in the broadcast booth more and more attractive to the man who led the Bucs to a Super Bowl win a decade ago. Some of you will scoff at Eskin’s report, given that he said last week that a quarterback change with the Eagles was “likely.” Keep in mind, however, that the Browns scoffed in June when Eskin reported that former Eagles president Joe Banner could resurface in Cleveland.

The possibility of Gruden coming back should make every Eagles fan nervous. Not that he’s a bad coach or not qualified, it just seems like too simple of an answer. “Oh we know this guy and he was here before and he’s on TV — he’s PERFECT!” Coaches don’t work out that way. Most of the time a team brings in a big-name head coach it seems to backfire within a couple years and they’re left searching for a new leader yet again.

Maybe Gruden would work perfectly and finally erase a lot of the common sense mistakes that have plagued the Birds over the past decade-plus, maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe he would start off next year with a similar record to this year and be booed every Sunday and run out of town. It seems too risky to hand the keys over to a guy who was pretty much a .500 coach in his last seven years.

Think there are any Mike Tomlin-like little-known assistant diamonds in the rough out there?