Oh y’all didn’t see this when I tweeted it out last week? Big Money Bynum with the tight, hangtime-less corn rows doing serious work in the post like his knees were made of dreams and sunshine. Yeah y’all must’ve missed that one.

Honestly, it could be an all-out disaster bringing Bynum back early. The guy still apparently hasn’t done much “lateral” movement yet, and while it appears to me that his knee is lubed up and ready for dominance according to the doctors there is still a ways to go. All we can hope for is that everyone has done their job and that this 7 foot 300lb monster doesn’t drop to the floor of Wells Fargo 5 minutes in grabbing his kneecaps next month. Because if he’s healthy and back to experiencing “zero pain” like he says — whoa boy. These pretender Eastern Conference teams and even Miami (last in rebounding, zero inside threat) better sac up and get real big real fast.

Knicks couldn’t even contain Jrue Holiday (35 points) by himself.  What are they gonna do when an all-star center is thrown in the mix?

PS – Anybody who doesn’t believe in Jrue Holiday is a damned idiot.