DMAn outraged South Jersey mom says a teacher forced her five-year-old daughter to eat a bagel out of a garbage can just because she’s black. Kandice Harris says her daughter’s teacher admitted to making young Ke’Nya eat the bagel out of the trash, but would not apologize for the incident. The teacher, who works at Deerfield Township Elementary, has not been identified and the school superintendent did not immediately return MailOnline’s requests for comment. Harris claims the teacher’s actions were racially charged. ‘We’re a low-income black family,’ Harris told the South Jersey Times. ‘Most of the people who attend the school are white.’ Harris said she has hired a lawyer, filed a report with police and contacted Child Protective Services. ‘She’s very upset and humiliated,’ Harris said of her daughter. ‘Ke’Nya said she didn’t like the bagel, so she threw it away. She said her teacher then took the bagel out of the trash and told her she had to eat it in front of all the kids.’ School Board President William Miller told the South Jersey Times that he ‘obviously would not condone that sort of behavior’ but did not want to comment further on the incident until all the facts are substantiated. Harris maintains that the teacher has ‘no remorse.’ ‘The teacher admitted it to me right away in front of the superintendent,’ she said. ‘The teacher told me that she wouldn’t have had a problem eating the bagel. She also refused to apologize.’ ‘It wasn’t until I threatened to file a police report, hire an attorney and go to the news that the superintendent offered an apology,’ she added. ‘There was absolutely no sign of remorse from the teacher.’

See, this is what I don’t think the white Stoolies understand: it’s hard being black in this country. All you see are news reports about black people going on welfare vacations and WorldStar bus driver uppercut videos, while 99.9% of us are just trying to get by without having to eat trash bagels in front of our peers.

Maybe your initial reaction is to think that this mom is an over-reactive liar who’s unfairly making something as simple as snack time a racial issue. But you don’t know what it’s like.  Do you know how many VERY racially awkward moments I’ve had going to mostly white schools?  Teachers aren’t politically correct superhumans — they’re just the motherfuckers who are willing to accept 40 grand a year to have their summers off.  I’ve had so many teachers say so many borderline things to me that I’m totally convinced the chick with the community college degree running snack time for 5 year-olds could be a bitter racist who forces little girls to eat trash can food.

Sure, you could be right and this mom could just be some poor black lady trying to game the education and justice system for her own personal gain. Or you could be dead wrong and unfairly acquitted an unapologetic racist who just made a 5 year-old eat a true-to-life everything bagel out of the garbage because she’s poor and doesn’t want her poor mom calling up complaining about her daughter being hungry. Just consider both sides is all I’m saying.