I don’t know how many years its been since Howard Eskin first lifted up Andy’s gut to place his lips comfortably around the tip of Big Red’s rocket, but as far as I can remember they’ve always been there. Whenever Andy screwed up a two-minute drill or used all his timeouts in the third quarter or called the 4th-and-goal underhanded RB shovel pass dipsy-doo, Howard was always there in the local media being Red’s biggest apologist. Suppose this is how he maintained a level of access throughout the years, but there’s always the question of objectivity in journalism with a reporter who refuses to be candid and honest about something. Howard has never been objective about his feelings towards Andy, and will surely continue sucking off the big guy once he heads out back to his home state to coach the Chargers. But at least we got to hear him say it once. “Andy Reid’s done a bad job.”

Great work, Spike.