Since only retards like us would be entertained by an 8-bit Dikembe Mutombo video game, it appears that Old Spice has zero’d in perfectly onto their demographic. Yeah, I’m more of a Degree man myself, but if Old Spice is the company delivering the Dikembe goods then my brand loyalty is up for grabs. Who knows what antiperspirant I’ll buy next. Hint: it’ll probably still be whatever’s on sale!

Weird how Dikembe Mutombo is still a hilarious legend because of his voice and the no-no finger, even after several damning stories about the long-time NBA center appeared since his career ended. There was that African gold scam. And that Gold Club stripper stuff. But I guess since the guy is foreign and has a funny voice none of that matters, right? Who cares if Dik’ is hoarding sacks of gold and getting little kids’ hands chopped off — he sounds like the Cookie Monster!

Did I somehow Debbie Downer a Dikembe Mutombo video game? My bad. Here’s a clip of Jalen Rose talking about having to buy condoms for Mutombo as a rookie:

The game is auto-loading so you’ll have to hit the jump to play.