Krispy Kreme is like the train from Unstoppable…unstoppable.  Just relentless hit after hit. I’m starting to believe these guys have what it takes to make a run at some of the greatest artists in Fake Rap history, like Weird Al, CB4, and Flo Rida. Legends of “This Definitely Can’t Be Real” rap.

Might have to put together a Fake Rap Countdown sometime soon. Until then, just sit back and appreciate Krispy Kreme’s reign over all other fake rap competition.  Re-writing the pages of history one Youtube classic at a time. Demolishing the barriers between city and rural, black and white, and retarded and fully mentally capable.

Voice of a generation.

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I write freaky fan fiction where cartoons fuck/
I got CGI Garfield licking Marmaduke’s nuts/