philly.comThe team has kept tabs on 110 of the 224 children originally in the study. Of the 110, two are dead – one shot in a bar and another in a drive-by shooting – three are in prison, six graduated from college, and six more are on track to graduate. There have been 60 children born to the 110 participants. The years of tracking kids have led Hurt to a conclusion she didn’t see coming. “Poverty is a more powerful influence on the outcome of inner-city children than gestational exposure to cocaine,” Hurt said at her May lecture.

Let’s get it out of the way: this was a huge waste of money. These people spent $7.9 million to study 200+ kids for 23 years only to find out that crack actually isn’t as bad for them as we once thought? That the real cause of children turning into criminals and developing learning disabilities is being poor? No shit. Have you SEEN these people? Have you ever driven to the inner city of or 45 minutes away from any major city? Have you been to Walmart? How about an Aldi? These people are disgusting and have no idea how to take care of themselves.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re better off having a predisposed lust for cheap smokable cocaine and birth defects than being born under the poverty line. When your adult family members educate themselves through Media Takeout or Fox & Friends and feed themselves with dumpster ribs from Golden Corral a little crack in your DNA doesn’t seem so bad. Constantly wanting crack and graduating from a decent high school or being healthy while dodging bullets for wearing the wrong colors? Crack wins every time.