DMA study found men with wider, shorter, faces were more likely to express racial prejudice. This facial shape has been shown to indicate higher than average testosterone levels and linked to more aggressive behaviour. However, researchers from the University of Delaware believe in this case those with wide faces are less likely to bow to social pressure. Lead author Eric Hehman, now at Dartmouth College, said: ‘Racial prejudice is such a sensitive issue and there are societal pressures to appear nonprejudiced. ‘More dominant individuals might care less about appearing prejudiced, or exercise less self-regulation with regard to reporting those prejudices, should they exist.’ The researchers asked male participants about their willingness to express racist beliefs and about the pressure they feel to adhere to societal norms. They compared their answers to photos of them, which included a measurement of their facial width to height ratio (fWHR). The results revealed that men who had wider and shorter faces were more likely to express racially prejudiced remarks and were less concerned about how they were perceived by others.

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The Top Three Most Racist People In America According To This Study:

3. Danny Devito

2. Mike Tomlin

1. All Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles