baby smoking

DMNew research has claimed for the first time ever that third-hand smoke from cigarettes causes significant genetic damage to human cells. Third-hand smoke is ‘noxious residue’ produced by cigarette smoke that clings to virtually all surfaces after second-hand smoke has disappeared. The study from the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California also found that this toxic residue becomes more harmful over time. Co-author Lara Gundel said: ‘This is the very first study to find that third-hand smoke is mutagenic. ‘Some of the chemical compounds in third-hand smoke are among the most potent carcinogens there are. ‘They stay on surfaces and when those surfaces are clothing or carpets, the danger to children is especially serious.’ The researchers used a variety of tests to establish if third-hand smoke breaks down DNA strands and leads to long-lasting DNA damage and gene mutation.

This story makes me wanna blow Newport 100 smoke in the face of every baby in America. The day I change my lifestyle to cater to some asshole’s concerns over THIRD-HAND SMOKE is the day I turn in my citizenship and call it quits. Because obviously then freedom is dead.

“Third-hand smoke breaks down DNA strands and leads to long-lasting DNA damage and gene mutation.” Well shit I certainly hope so. Because right now the country is running wild with folks who think this kind of study is a good use of money and I’d prefer to live in a world where these people didn’t exist. Or at least were mutated enough to understand how ridiculous they are. We’re talking about third-hand smoke? Not smoking. Not second-hand smoke. Third-hand. Non-smoke smoke. Fucking ridiculous.