helablogWho? What? Where? Why? Does it come with a razor? It just became even weirder to go to the beach now that this peculiar pair of men’s undies or “String Latéral Flash Bleu Alter” is available for purchase. Original and ultra sexy string which encloses one side of the waist. Comfort and lateral support is provided by the fabric high elastane content.

Gotta love the comfort rating: three stars. “Eh, they feel about as good as your average pair of single-sided nut-grabbing spandex grape smugglers that wedge up your ass.” If Pres isn’t rocking these at St. Bart’s from this moment forward I think his mogul status needs to be brought into question.

PS – Too much male nudity? Please accept these soapy breasts pressed up against a car window as an apology.