I hate lady cop Mandy for this on at least three levels. First of all I don’t know how in the hell she got this far away from a kitchen and into a police uniform. I feel like those townspeople in Django who never saw a black person on a horse before. It’s like watching a bear ride a bike. How is she able to speak to people like this and why is she not busy assembling a sandwich? Dents in the door? That’s gonna take her forever to clean up! Secondly, she’s harassing kids about a party. Even though I’m old as fuck most of me inside still identifies with the kids in the party and not the cops or the neighbors across the street. These guys didn’t do anything wrong. Totally obeying and understanding the law. Thirdly, she’s white and they’re black. Adds a whole ‘nother element to the equation. It’s the third heat. Throw it all together and you’ve got a shitty, bitchy lady cop harassing and unlawfully arresting young guys who are black.

If there’s a God she’s fired. And stripping now.