Fight starts at 2:20.

Bitches always gotta get shit started. Every man in this video was ready to call it and walk in opposite directions and not end up in the hospital or a holding cell, but Snoop and the great white whale had to keep up the drama. Had to keep up the tough talk. And look what happened: tall dude ends up face-down in the cement snoring in the fencing response position.

Two things were obvious from the start:

1. The black girl wants to fight
2. The black girl CAN fight

Did you see how quick she threw up those dukes? Fat girl should’ve known she didn’t want any of that. Why get offended because ol’ girl called you “big”? You ARE big. Now the sleeping giant is in the hospital and you’re on the internet looking fat and defeated. You’d think after weighing in at 3 bills and change she’d be able to be the bigger person.