Lego has a lot of competitors. Lego being in the toy industry has a close relation with the gaming industry. Xbox is a big a problem for Lego because kids who play games have less time for Lego. Xbox has a good on line services ( Xbox Live ). Xbox has a big fan base that are loyal. There are weaknesses that are good for Lego. Xbox has a technical problems that occur. Other companies like Sony and Nintendo take a large share of the gaming market. Threats to Xbox are Sony Blu- Ray may win the console race. Also currently sales are being lost to Sony and Nintendo. Xbox is much higher than Nintendo Wii. Modifying of the hardware of Xbox and piracy of games has been a big problem too.

Toy R Us is another big competitor for Lego. Even though Toy R Us carry Lego products and help them sell it. They have so many other products being sold. Therefore the chance of Lego being sold going down. The strengths of Toy R Us are many. They have over 1500 superstore in the US and worldwide. It also has Baby R Us that add another 200 stores. Toy R Us also has a successful market on the web ( in collaboration with ). Huge distribution network that benefits from advanced logistical systems. Toy R Us having so much shelf space means that the company has a strong barging position. Toy R Us sells many different product ranges giving customer a wide variety which is great. Weakness in Toy R Us are they rely heavily upon successful sales during the final quarter of the year. They also have no single and sustainable competitive advantage, other than brand. Toy R Us is losing to Wal-Mart currently. Barbie is a competitor of Lego too. Kids that play with Barbie doesn’t have Lego at home. We also want girls to have fun with Lego. Nintendo Wii is currently doing really well in Sweden which could be a major problem for Lego. If more and more kids just play video games at home this could get worse. Marketing Lego more aggressively in Sweden is a great idea. According to a Swedish market research company industry sales are topping 3.5 billion krona ( 515 million USD ) and an average raise in same-store sales of 7.6 percent. Also if you look at the Toys and Games Market Report 2008. The value of the toys and the games market will continue to rise. Lego with this in mind want to increase market share as the market is getting bigger. One of the most important strength Lego the brand image is hold to parents. Parents think Lego is a good toy. Something useful to the mind and a positive toy to play. When parents think of video games it bad for kids eyes some games are too violant. Lego will also do good work for the society like raising funds for terminally ill children. There was a article on Times Oct 6 2008. That is has been proved that therapies using Lego can be an enormous help to children with autistic.

Our Philly sales guy Louis sent me a PDF from his 2009 International Marketing class at Temple, and frankly I’ve never seen a more pathetic excuse for a college-level paper in my life. Didn’t even want to believe it was real. THIS PERSON made it to year 3 of college? How? Why? And, more importantly, uh, …how?

According to Louis the assignment was to build a marketing plan for Lego in Sweden, and this kid’s part was to discuss Lego’s competition. Yes, the drawing was already on the paper when the kid handed it to the rest of the group. Louis: “I had to go to the teacher and say we have a kid who is slow in our group.”

Here’s the thing: this kid is a white American from the north. Like, MAYBE I could understand if homey was an ESL kid or grew up in some Arizona border Mexican slums or was a poor Cajun from the Bobby Boucher part of Louisiana who believes Jesus rode dinosaurs when the earth started 2000 years ago. But he’s not. He’s just some white northern kid. And that scares the HELL out of me.

If this is how college kids are writing then we should just wave the white flag to China and India right now because hope is dead.

“That is has been proved that therapies using Lego can be an enormous help to children with autistic.”

Wow. Thanks, OBAMA.