Boston HeraldPapelbon also said life with the Phillies is “more peaceful” than it was for six seasons with the Red Sox, mostly because he has the security of a long-term contract. One thing Papelbon wouldn’t reveal: His new intro music. He said Ken Casey, lead singer of Dropkick Murphys, offered to rewrite “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” to suit Philadelphia, but Papelbon told him not to.

One of my favorites things about baseball is the players’ ability to choose their own music. No other sport allows for an athlete to so directly showcase their tastes and motivations for the crowd. Whether you’re a fan of their choice or now a little more judgmental of your favorite player, it’s good that they have the freedom to pick a joint that will get them going and aren’t just dependent on boring organ music or the guy from the Cha Cha Slide saying “every-body clap your hands”.*

Having said that, if Papelbon would have allowed the Dropkick Murphys to write a Philadelphia-centric version of “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” I would have lost my shit. What an infuriatingly ridiculous idea. “Hey, how about we just change the words around to be about Philadelphia? That’s not condescending at all. I’m sure the fans would love it.” Jackasses.

Pap needs something naturally Philly, something that isn’t just a re-cut of some Boston nonsense. Not sure how big of a hip hop fan he is, but I don’t see how he doesn’t go with Philly’s own Legendary Roots Crew: