What do you want? The Sixers got blown out by 20, Reggie Evans grabbed like 80 rebounds, and the organization gave Mark Wahlberg a personalized Sixers jersey for whateverthefuck reason.

So fuzzy TMZ footage of a brief scuffle between Melo and Garnett is what we’re gonna do.

Can’t really hear much, but KG definitely said something like “You know that. You know you don’t want none of [this], my nigga. What are you talking about?”. Right after he backed away towards the bus and got a lot of space between him and that pissed-off (rumored) West Baltimore Blood.

My money’s on Melo, but ya’ll know that. So I’m putting it to a vote although I’m pretty sure the Celtics fans will go 100% homer on this one. Who wins in a fight?

Vote 1 for KG and 10 for Melo
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