Philly.comMEN SHUFFLED along Chancellor Street toward the Gold Club early Saturday, nearly getting past a line of Dumpsters to the strip club’s dingy red carpet before cops standing outside told them that the business was closed for the night. After the guys walked back down the alley, police led two women from the club in handcuffs toward 15th Street, where a police van was waiting with its back doors flung open. The Pennsylvania State Police busted the pair of buxom blondes earlier in the night in an undercover prostitution sting. Friday night, it was the Gold Club’s Tiffany Rowan, 30, of South Philadelphia, and Jamie Cleary, 34, of Egg Harbor, N.J., who were heading to jail for allegedly offering undercover officers sex for money. “Promise me you’re not a cop; I pegged you for a cop when you walked in,” Cleary purred to one undercover detective. When he assured her he instead worked for Coca-Cola, she offered to masturbate him, or “maybe [oral sex] if your [penis] is nice,” according to police reports. “The club gets half and I get the other half; then nobody will watch what we do,” she allegedly told him. A Gold Club employee referred the Daily News to managers for comment, but none returned a call. Sgt. William La Torre, of the State Police’s Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, said that there are still ongoing investigations at other strip clubs in the city. He said that the Gold Club is pretty small compared with some of the other places, and the number of prostitutes usually depends on the size of the club. “The bigger the place, the more girls there are and the higher the percentage of girls who are working as prostitutes,” La Torre said after the raid.

Really gotta thank the Sargent here for his tips on where to find stripper/prostitutes. “The bigger the club the more likely there are hookers”. Thanks, Officer.

On the other side of that, how bad must it feel for the ugly-dicked regular customers of this place who have never been offered a BJ? You’ve been going to that place for years and have never been offered oral sex? That’s right, homey: you have an ugly penis. Prostitutes posing as exotic dancers won’t even blow you for money. Sad day for these guys.