DMTortillas are now outselling popular American fast-foods including burger and hot dog buns. As the population of Hispanic people in the US grows, the consumption of Latin American food continues to increase. Research suggests people across the US now consider Hispanic foods ‘American’. Salsa, meanwhile, has become the best-selling condiment in the US – making it even more popular than ketchup. Experts have suggested Hispanic food is being integrated into US culture in the same way Italian food was. The change in diet across the US comes as the number Latin Americans – who already represent nearly 20 per cent of the population – continues to grow. Hispanic foods and beverages were an $8 billion market in the US last year, according to consumer research firm Packaged Facts. And by 2017, that number may reach $11 billion.

Not afraid of this one bit. Every real American loves the taste of burritos, fajitas, and tacos because burritos, fajitas, and tacos are delicious. It’s that simple. The idea that Americans and especially young Americans increasingly view Hispanic foods as American is exactly what this country is about. Melting Pot, Tossed Salad, whatever — if you have great food Americans will learn to love it and adopt it as our own. Hamburgers and frankfurters are from Germany actually fuck you they’re American. Pizza and spaghetti are Italian dishes actually shut up they’re American it’s all our kids will eat. Tacos and burritos got five years tops before people forget where the hell they even came from and consider them as American as apple pie…which is actually European.

The one piece of information that still seems false to me is how salsa is more popular than any other condiment. This has been a bullshit myth since Seinfeld mentioned it in the 90′s. No way in the world salsa is more popular than ketchup or mustard. Conspiracy city. Maybe it’s because people buy giant bottles of ketchup while the salsa bosses carefully restrict jar size to keep people buying every couple weeks, but bet your ass Big Salsa has been using shady math to cook those numbers for decades.

PS – Trying to get my money right to invest in some naan. Next big thing.