DRThe game is one-hand touch because the player’s other must clench a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. And if he drops that can, he drinks it. “We say to slam it, but you definitely don’t have to,” said Jared Babbitt, 31, one of the game’s founders. “It’s too cold to do that a lot of times.” Sure, these guys all like football and they all like beer. But what keeps them coming back every year to Emerson in southwest Iowa, population 430, is the friendship, the trash talk and the fun. “What’s more all-American male than drinking beer, playing football and hanging out after Thanksgiving?” said Michael Babbitt, another founding brother. “Everybody just knows to come. We don’t call. We don’t email. Everybody knows to show up.” Everybody always shows up because the game is always held at 2 p.m. at Bass Memorial Park, rain or shine. Twenty men arrived this year and divided up a box of old practice uniforms. Players younger than 33 wear white. The old guys put on blue. The rules, per the event’s website, are straightforward:

1. You must have a PBR in your hand at all times.

2. If you drop the PBR, you must chug it and grab another.

3. 40-yard field.

4. One-hand touch.

5. Extra points still given if you can pull out your high school jersey or letter jacket. Extra points will also be given to beards and mullets.

6. We play until we get to 70 points … or until we get really tired or we run out of beer, whatever happens first.

Can we do this?

Maybe I haven’t been as vocal as I should, but I’ve been meaning to get the Barstool crew together for some sort of athletic event. Something fun yet still competitive that we could possibly film and/or get Stoolies involved. Just seems every time I make this opinion known the other bloggers seem to shrug it off or kick it to the side for whatever reason. Is it because they’re that bad at sports where they don’t want to be embarrassed? Is it just laziness? What gives?

I’m saying right now that beer football (PBR is gross but I’ll drink whatever I guess) sounds like a fantastic idea and I’d love to get an inter-Stool game going. Hell, doesn’t even need to be football, I’ll play basketball, hockey, fuckin stickball — whatever. As soon as the other bloggers man up I’m in.