DMKathy Griffin’s latest New Year’s Eve antics have made her a target of a family-oriented entertainment watchdog, who says CNN dropped the ball by allowing her on the air when she simulated oral sex with co-host Anderson Cooper. The Parents Television Council is fuming over the not-so-family-friendly stunt after the ball dropped over New York’s Times Square. It’s the latest salvo in a string of shock and anger toward CNN since 2013 officially began. Parents Television Council president Tim Winter told TMZ on Wednesday that Griffin ‘has shown increasing contempt for the [CNN] audience.’ He says that it’s now up to the network to dump the comedienne before she tries to trump her own performance next year. Mr Winter told the site: ‘The onus is now on CNN. Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor’s genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such conduct.’ Even when Cooper had to take a minute from the upbeat, lighthearted New Year’s Eve show for serious news on the fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington, Griffin told him it should be called ‘the fisting cliff.’

Let’s keep it simple: if an old comedienne can’t get drunk and fake blow a gay news anchor during New Years, then really what is the point of television? What are we doing here if old and occasionally funny redheads can’t pretend to blowjize queer journalism cyborgs on CNN? It’s NEW YEARS EVE COVERAGE! The reason people watch is to see drunk celebrities make mistakes and hopefully a drunk normal person fall at some point. Nobody wants to hear “Imagine” as sung by the middle-aged jerkoff lead singer of Train. NOBODY. Kathy was only doing her job and that was being moderately entertaining.

Parents groups need to seriously calm down with the TV, movie, and video game bashing and start getting on the people really screwing these kids up — parents. Do you know that after you take into account kids who only have one parent, kids whose parents secretly or not-so-secretly hate each other, or kids whose parents have some sort of drug, alcohol, or psychological issue, you’re only left with like 3 families in America? How about focusing on making parents better and not worrying so much about 50 year old drunk ladies on New Years Eve.