Suppose this says a lot about why I–err some FRIENDS of mine can only get it up to middle-aged huge-nippled Latinas wearing nurses outfits but playing the role of female cops. Gross, right? Sick people out there.

Always felt that the internet’s ability to bless every normal human with infinite porn access was having some extreme (and probably not yet understood) effect on society but never knew the science behind it. Porn is easily one of the most tolerated of all the taboos. Way more socially accepted to watch porn than to smoke cigarettes or drive without a seat belt, for example. Not knocking it at all; porn is surely near and dear to my heart. It’s simply a wonder how something so massively popular could have so little research conducted concerning how the brain of a teenager worked after spending years looking at dad’s Playboys vs. how the brain of a teenager works after spending years looking at bondage and bukkaki videos.

Now excuse me, my FRIENDS tell me they suddenly have the urge to go watch MILF Cholas 7: Hospital Detectives again.