Well that was an enjoyable 48 minutes of cringing last night.

It wasn’t just that they were humiliated on their home floor, either. It was that they were humiliated on their home floor in their own style. The Celtics were running the hell out of the ball, pushing it up the floor in transition and beating the Sixers to the rim before they could get set defensively. It was a classic offensive gameplan swagger jack that left every Sixers fan — including myself — feeling defeated. Like if the Ravens lost to the Patriots because New England ran the ball for 300 yards. Completely out of character gameplan reversal that obviously caught the home team off guard. That, and Kevin Garnett made every fucking shot he took.

I Love EB and like Spencer Hawes, but Lavoy Allen is going to have to play a vast majority a game. Nobody else on our squad can guard KG besides Mr. 500. In the first Celtics game where KG went off, it seems like that was Rondo drawing a lot of the coverage and setting him up. This time was a lot of pick-and-pop and 1-on-1 stuff, and the old loudmouth showed that hes still got it.

But he can be stopped. Kevin Garnett isn’t going to keep shooting 70% from the field and Mickael Pietrus isn’t going to keep shooting 75% from deep. Luckily for us those numbers will drop. And one of these games Garnett will be colder than Casey Anthony’s heart and that top of the key jumper will turn into long rebounds and transition points. Those are facts.  But instead of standing around hoping Garnett misses, here’s a tip for the Sixers: next time you feel like shooting a contested jumper instead of pump faking and taking it to the goal — DON’T.