philly.comIt’s not hard to find a reason for the current winning stretch – besides the fact that Milwaukee, Cleveland and Charlotte aren’t exactly premier teams. Just look at the consistent numbers that the starting frontcourt has produced in those three games. Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes have been a frontline to be reckoned with over the last trio of games. The three have combined to shoot 67 of 120 (55.8 percent) from the floor, combine for 84 rebounds and 155 points. For Turner and Hawes, the remedy to inconsistent play is similar. Both must be very active on the court and have a positive mental attitude. Frustration lends as much to their poor play as shooting slumps and bad decision-making. When both play at a high-activity level, the numbers show. Turner had been in a mental slump for quite some time before these past three games. There were contests in which he would be looking for his first rebound in the fourth quarter. Scoring slumps can come and go, sometimes as quickly as a game or two, but rebounding is simply effort. And the effort has been there of late by Turner.

While I wish nothing but the best for Spencer Hawes and hope he gets to live out his Seattle fantasy by averaging 20/15 for the future Sonics and sharing an apartment in the Space Needle with newly-transformed conservative Eddie Vedder, it absolutely baffles my common sense trying to understand why the Sixers all of a sudden decided to play winning basketball. Yes, team chemistry takes time to build and this was a club with a lot of turnover and long adjustment period, but who cares? This team was out of the playoff hunt a month ago and NOW they decide to win their last 4 of 5 instead of tanking and collecting lottery balls like they should? Nothing about this clubs rationale makes sense. Just tank and draft Cody ‘Shawn Bradley’ Zeller so we can suck again next season and draft Andrew Wiggins.

In other Sixers news: Andrew Bynum isn’t planning on giving the Sixers special treatment when it comes to negotiations this off-season. This dude is killing me. Said it before: nothing’s going to feel worse than the Bynum/Lin/Harden Rockets making a run at a title next season.