Mexicans shouldn’t even be upset about this. When someone takes it this far, the reaction’s gotta be absolutely past the point of being offended. Like Chappelle said sometimes it’s so racist that you just gotta step back and say “Wow”. It’s not even worth getting bad. Poncho jerseys with the Mexi-stache Icehogs logo, free maracas to the first 2500 fans, sombreros ON THE NUMBERS? Racist would have been playing La Cucaracha after every goal. This, ladies and gentleman, is next-level.

It’s amazing that Corona is not only cool with this but is actually a PAYING sponsor. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Corona is an actual Mexican company with real Mexican employees who pays real Mexican taxes to Mexico. They know damn well real Mexicans don’t walk around in colorful ponchos and sombreros. Maybe the mustaches and maracas, but not the panchos. That’s raycess.