DRLove is in the air at Rutgers University — or at the very least, lust. Not much else could explain the sudden, intense popularity of @RU_Crushes, a Twitter handle that offers Rutgers students a chance to trumpet romantic or sexually charged sentiments to classmates, not to mention the rest of the Internet. A little more than a week after its March 22 launch, the account had sent out hundreds of tweets and was closing in on 5,000 followers — just in time for the nicer weather. “Anonymously submit your crushes … and we’ll tweet them!” the account’s bio reads. “Maybe your crush will see it, and you can thank me later.”

I’ve been following the @RU_Crushes handle for a couple weeks now simply marveling from afar at the level of thirst of some of these people. It’s an amazing account to follow. You get everything from the “hilarious” to the “trying to be hilarious and failing horribly” all the way down to the straight-up rape warnings. But it’s entertaining, and that’s all you can really ask of a Twitter follow, right?

Anyways, after reading BarstoolU’s list of Sluttiest Schools in America and seeing my alma mater ranked #1, I felt it was my personal Scarlet Knight duty to search through every @RU_Crushes tweet and present you with the best of the best. So without further ado, here are the 57 Thirstiest tweets from @RU_Crushes.


Use your own condoms, guys.


D-D-Desperate fat chick.


Just gonna put it all out there like that, Matt Goldberg and/or Matt Goldberg’s asshole friend?




PLEASE let “Jizzy Ahmed” be a nickname.





That’s just nasty.


Simple porn logic.




Julian just stumbled into a cheat code for unlimited nearby pussy.







One of my personal favorites.


If this were a guy it would be rape. Pretty sure it’s still rape. …Somebody should probably stop this rape.



This guy’s having some wild fat girl threesomes. Wait…..nope. This is 100% a fat lesbian trio.






And everybody knows who that one girl is, too.





100% GAME.





A white kid in an Asian frat? That’s Rutgers in a nutshell. That or like a black-acting jacked Middle Eastern kid with a bunch of turbans and snapbacks.







What’s in her bento box? So like what’s IN her vagina? No, you meant to say “I want to see your bento box.” Unless you got gyno fantasies or something.





HAAAAhahahaha…Trey Songz tattoo….





Cape Girl actually gets mentioned twice. Somebody find me this caped girl.





Desperate-ass volleyball bitch.