This Ameriprise commercial has been playing on ESPN a lot lately and it baffles me every time. Tommy Lee Jones on a…ranch?…chilling in the back of a pickup truck with some hay and tools and what the fuck does this have to do with retirement planning?

Ameriprise really expects people to believe that this is how Tommy Lee Jones spends his retirement. Like the dude’s Wednesday is filled with cattle roping and L.L. Bean modeling scenarios. Does the guy own a ranch outside of San Antonio? Wikipedia says Yes. He’s also a seasoned Hollywood actor who is married to a polo grand champion. The idea that Ameriprise wants us to believe a 66 year-old multimillionaire is out here in Carhardt jackets rounding up bales of hay from a rusty pickup is wild. Dude can barely hide the fact he’s reading from a cue card. Surely he’s got more than a few pairs of brown hands in Texas to help.

Bald guys at computers slowly taking off their glasses and rugged Tommy Lee Jones’ can’t be the most effective way to sell financial advice the American public. Old people buying Tommy Lee JonesĀ® Brand retirement advice are just as bad as tween chicks guzzling Pepsi because One Direction told them to.

And stop looking at me like that, guy: