Although its been mentioned here before, the heads of major television networks need to stop dragging their probably-Jewish feet and get America the reality show it deserves. Pete Rose, Walt Frazier, Craig Sager, and Don Cherry need to get together for a show where they go out and shop for new clothes, if for no other reason than to give folks a chance to understand their decision making. Or maybe you put then in all in a room filled with zany pimp blazers and zubaz and have them compete to see who can make the best outfit. Maybe throw in fan voting. There’s no way sports fans wouldn’t watch that show. ESPN would be all over it. The Real Clothes Retards Of Sports would be a guaranteed hit.

And yes, Pete would have to be as drunk for those episodes as he is in this commercial.

Oh hey Kiana Kim, Pete Rose’s balloon-tittied Asian Playboy wife: