no superhero play


Recently it has been brought to our attention that the imaginations of our preschool children are becoming dangerously overactive causing injuries within our pre-k community. Although we encourage creative thinking and imaginary play, we do not promote out children hurting one another. Wrestling, Super Hero play, and Monster games will not be permitted here at BLANK. In addition please monitor the different media that your children may view. The re-enactment of televisions shows/ movies are being done during active paly times in school.

The safety and well being of your child is our first and foremost concern. Thank you for your cooperation.

cbsA 3-year-old boy was hospitalized Sunday night after he accidentally fell out a third-floor window while playing Spider-Man. The fall happened just before 9:15 p.m. at an apartment building in the 700 block of East South Street, police said. The boy, who was with another child, was pretending to be Spider-Man and jumping on the bed when he somehow tumbled out of the window. Officials say his fall may have been broken by bushes and dirt on the ground level. The boy was conscious when he was transported to UCI Medical Center in Orange. His condition was unknown.

I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. Maybe some kids just aren’t built to pretend to be super heroes. Maybe some kids are better off pretending to be garbage men or over-the-hill lunchtime shift exotic dancers or something. Can’t have toddlers falling out of third story windows nearly killing themselves trying to be Spiderman. Can’t have it. Some kids might be able to handle the responsibility that comes with fake super powers, but until we as a society can keep 100% of kids from tumbling 3 stories into bushes it’s probably best we stick with regular heroes instead of the super kind. Have little Johnny pretend he’s a driver who uses turn signals correctly or a restaurant customer who understands basic American tipping etiquette. There are some heroes in the world who don’t require super strength.